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Makarska is a small city in the Split-Dalmatia County, on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia.

It is one of the most is popular tourist destinations in Croatia, and the center of the Makarska Riviera. Since Makarska is a popular beach resort, the natural harbor on which Makarska sits is known to have a lot of berthing space, but only the eastern part of the harbor is suitable for yachts. And if you're looking for the closest ACI Marina, you can find it in Vrboska, opposite of Makarska.

 Makarska has some of the most famous yacht clubs that you can join and rent available vessels. Yacht clubs like Bura and Sveti Petar. There is also a diving club called More Sub, and if you decide to go down the coast to the town of Omiš you can rent a boat to ride down the canyon river and enjoy a nice relaxing trip.

If you are looking for a place that offers a rich nightlife, then the City of Makarska will be your new favorite vacation town. Makarska has numerous clubs in which the parties last all night long, and where people can have fun dancing under the worm clear night sky. The most popular clubs in town are Tramuntama, Classic, Grotta, Deep and Petar Pan.

Beside a great number of clubs, the town of Makarska is also known for its beautiful pebble beaches, spots center, and gastronomical specialties like Makarana cake and Makaranian ravioli which can only be found in Makarska.

The town in Makarska contains a number of old buildings for you to explore while being on your vacation. Many of the structures there date back from the Venetian occupation. There's even a Baroque palace, Ivanisevic Palace, the church of St. Marks and a Franciscan monastery that entertains it's guests with a famous museum of sea shells.

Makarska is considered one of the warmest cities in Croatia, with especially hot summers because of the Mediterranean climate.

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